Effortless Beauty


Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart by Julie DuBose




The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography
The Institute was established by Julie DuBose to promote the propagation of the Miksang Training curriculum (developed by Michael Wood and Julie) and the expression of direct, non-conceptual visual experience through various related disciplines. The Institute presents workshops in the core Miksang Training curriculum as well as courses integrating Miksang principles into art education, art therapy, film making and the printing of Miksang Images.

Miksang Publications
Miksang Publications was founded in 2012 to publish quality print books and e-books for the contemplative photography community and Miksang course transcripts and teaching materials for The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography. Effortless Beauty is Miksang Publications' first offering. We anticipate the availability of 'Opening the Good Eye' transcripts for sale to Miksang Students, past and present, this summer.

Julie's Photography Blog (Miksang Life)
Miksang Life is an ongoing conversation with people interested in Miksang as well as Miksang practitioners. Effortless Beauty took form from the various questions that students have asked over the years, and new blogs will also come from questions arising from students during courses and in conversation. Please feel free to send Julie your questions and insights. This could spark the next blog!

Miksang Facebook Page
Miksang image posts, workshop announcements and galleries.

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